Kinderstages Program Overview

Full & Half-Day Classes

Structured Classroom Enviroment

School Readiness

Research Based Curriculum


The Kinderstages Program promotes an active learning environment. A variety of instructional programs are used to ensure each student’s needs are met. Some examples of what you might see include:

  • Children are highly motivated to learn!

  • Children see how things are connected in the real world and how these concepts apply to their own lives.

  • Children gain an understanding of the subject of the project as well as research and study skills.

  • Whole group instruction

  • Teacher-directed small group activities

  • Open ended projects

  • Children working independently or cooperatively in learning centers.

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Kinderstages uses the Math Their Way program in order to provide a comprehensive math curriculum that makes math meaningful for children. Math instruction focuses on the following skills:

  • Number Concepts

  • Addition &Subtraction

  • Geometry: Identify, compare, classify and create basic shapes.

  • Measurements

  • Introduction to coins, uses of a calendar, telling time to hour and 1/2 hour.

  • Probability & Statistics

  • Patterns

  • Relationships: Sort and classify objects according to one or two attributes, as well as recognise, extend and create simple patterns.

  • Communication About Math: Show an understanding of the concepts of equal to ,more than and less and explain problem solving strategies.


These study areas will be integrated into multi-disciplinary projects. Children actively help plan and implement these units.For example if the students are studying Insects, the children and teachers will compile a list of what the children know about insects, what they do not know about insects and how they might go about finding out what they do not know. This is a teacher guided process that directs the formation of each project. Embedded within these projects are reading, writing, math, speaking and listening skills.


The Kinderstages Program proudly uses the Wright Skills Program which employs a balanced approach to learning to read write. Reading comprehensive strategies include, oral language ,vocabulary development, phonics are all taught to provide well-rounded instruction. Children are introduced to a variety of genres of literature and learning activities to create a love and interest of reading. Instruction is provided in the following areas:

  • Phonemic Awareness

  • Rhyming

  • segmenting syllables letter sounds in words

  • Reading Comprehension

  • Reading Strategies

  • Students are given instruction in letter formation, writing conventions, organizing ideas, word choice and writing fluency.

  • Students are encouraged to write in a variety of ways including journaling, learning activities, poetry & our Handwriting Without Tears Curriculum


Serving Gilbert and Chandler since 2003 with a balance between play and academic based curriculum

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