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School & Fun Rolled Into One

The Growing Place Preschool

Offering half-day and full-day preschool programs for 1 to 5 year olds emphasizing social and emotional competence as well as school readiness.

School & Fun Rolled Into One

What is Preschool?

Preschool is a preparatory program for formal education. At the Growing Place Preschool our classroom environment and schedule are designed to help children practice and develop the skills they will need to succeed in Kindergarten. Here are just a few skills our daily activities cover.

  • Critical thinking and problem solving skills
  • Sharing an activity or task with one or more other children
  • Confidence in the ability to work alone
  • Understanding and following simple classroom rules
  • Using words to solve peer and adult/child misunderstanding
  • The ability to focus on an activity and follow directions
  • Recognizing colors, shapes, letters, numbers
  • Opportunities to practice developing large & fine motor skills
  • The ability to experience uncomfortable emotions and express them constructively
  • Logical-mathematical thinking including comparing, sorting, counting, graphing, etc
  • Exploring and learning to love learning!

Play is the foundation that supports the house of higher learning
- Lisa Murphy

School & Fun Rolled Into One


Many schools place children in age segregated classrooms. The Growing Place Preschool believes in multi-aged groupings where children from ages 1 to 2 for toddlers and 3 to 5 for preschool share the same classroom.This practice has many advantages including;

  • Children gain experience interacting with others whose abilities and skills differ from their own, much like adults do.
  • Children develop long term quality relationships with their teachers
  • Learning is based on the individual, so no class levels are evident, therefore children are not held back, or rushed into the next class
  • Enhanced self-esteem and effective learning from peer inter-dependence and modeling


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We are Located at:

The North East corner of Cooper and Ray
744 W. Ray Rd. Suite 104
Gilbert, AZ 85233
Phone: 480-855-4700
Fax: 480-855-4701


Serving Gilbert and Chandler since 2003 with a balance between play and academic based curriculum

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