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Part-Day Multi-age Preschool & Day Care

Part-Day Preschool Classes | 3 to 5 years old

Selected days must remain consistent every week. Monthly payments are due at the beginning of every month.

Part-Day Preschool Program
Monthly Tuition:
3-4 year-olds

5 days/week $400

3 days/week $300

2 days/week $200

Kinderstages Transitional Kindergarten
Monthly Tuition: 4-5 year-olds

5 days/week $400

3 days/week $300

2 days/week $200

Weekly Tuition: 1-2 year-olds

5 days $275

4 days $250

3 days $210

2 days $150

1 day $75

Weekly Tuition: 2.5-3.5 year-olds

5 days $250

4 days $235

3 days $190

2 days $135

1 day $70

Weekly Tuition: 3-5 year-olds

5 days $220

4 days $195

3 days $165

2 days $120

1 day $65

Your tuition payments hold your child’s enrollment spot. At the beginning of each new school year a $100 enrollment fee is required. No discounts are given for sick or vacation days. Whether your child attends or not our operating costs remain the same. All tuition and fees are non-refundable.

OUR PHILOSOPHY: At “The Growing Place Preschool” we recognize that children are unique and learn at different rates and in different ways. We provide a diverse curriculum that is child-centered with hands-on exploration.

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Serving Gilbert and Chandler since 2003 with a balance between play and academic based curriculum

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“Our son has been at The Growing Place for a little over one month now and we just absolutely LOVE the care and learning that he's receiving. The staff has made us comfortable from the very beginning and ultimately his transition to pre school was tougher on his mama than it was him, which is a good problem to have. Would definitely recommend this little special place to any family.”

Angela M.

“My son has been at The Growing Place for about a month or so and he absolutely loves it. There is a wonderful connection between him and his teachers. His teachers care about him and his growth and safety. The curriculum is well rounded through songs, art, reading, and play. If I could give this 10 stars I would!”

Lauren K.

“...The teaching curriculum is great and set up our son to be ahead starting kindergarten. I highly recommend Growing place to anyone who is concerned about how their children are treated at daycare and what they are getting back from preschool.”

Erik A.

“Our son has been attending this school for over a year now. The staff is amazing. They are always looking out for the best interests of the children. The kids have so much fun with all of the activities they put on and they learn so much. Kinderstages is also an amazing program. Our little one is ready to tackle Kindergarten next year!”

Stephanie K.