Toddler Program Overview

Monday Thru Friday Classes

Flexible Drop Off/Pick Up Times

Weekly Tuition Rates

Research Based Curriculum

Our Emphasis for our Toddler Program classroom is all about our teacher/caregivers building responsive relationships with our children and their families.

Our daily activities offer a variety of experiences that encourage our children to explore and learn through their environment. Some of these activities include:

  • Playing with toys

  • Dabbling in art

  • Imitating and pretending

  • Enjoying stories and books

  • Exploring sand and water

  • Having fun with music and movement

  • Playing outside

  • Exposure to sign language

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Toddler Curriculum

The Creative Curriculum® for Infants, Toddlers & Twos is a comprehensive, research-based curriculum designed to help teachers and caregivers implement developmentally appropriate practices and offer responsive daily routines and meaningful experiences that nurture learning and development.

Nationally known for its forward-thinking, rigorously researched model, The Creative Curriculum® has been trusted for decades by early childhood educators across the country. It focuses on providing responsive, intentional care while honoring and respecting the role that teachers and caregivers play in helping children develop secure attachments and gain confidence as learners.

We Promote Continuity of Care

The continuous relationships between providers and caregivers and the children they care for, from when they enter child care to age 3.

The Research

Providers and caregivers who regularly care for very young children can have a positive impact on child development by forming continuous, strong attachments with children. When a child’s needs are met, the child forms a secure attachment—or “base”—that creates a foundation for healthy development in early childhood and beyond. Research has found that children with secure attachment relationships with their care providers are more likely to play, explore, and interact with adults in their child care setting. This relationship between children and their child care providers can complement the relationship between parents and young children and facilitate early learning and social development. A “continuity of care” approach can enhance the relationship between caregivers and young children by keeping young children within the same setting and with the same team of providers for an extended period, usually for the first three years of their lives. Children in both child care centers and family child care homes have been found to benefit when their providers are sensitive and responsive. All providers and caregivers can promote healthy child development by supporting attachment.


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